Tru Earth Laundry Eco-Strips Fresh Linen (32 washes)

Tru Earth Laundry Eco-Strips Fresh Linen (32 washes)

Green Cleaning by Tru Earth

Tru Earth Laundry Eco-Strips Fresh Linen (32 washes)

Tru Earth Laundry strips are a zero waste, plastic free alternative to your usual  washing detergent.  Very lightweight, they simply dissolve in the wash and then completely biodegrade. A simple to use laundry strip that can be added to your washing to get rid of tough spills while not dulling the colour of your clothes. They work at a high efficiency in both cold and hot water, as well as in every type of washing machine (including high-efficiency machines). Can be used for hand washing at home and they’re also great to take travelling.These strips have hypoallergenic properties, are cruelty-free and free from parabens, phosphates, chlorine bleach and added dyes to make them as safe and non-toxic as possible.  Packed in paper packaging that can be recycled or composted after use.  1 strip = 1 wash Fresh Linen Fragrance Vegan Hypoallergenic Zero-waste Plastic-free Paraben-free, Phosphate-free, Chlorine bleach free, free from added dyes Dissolves completely in Hot or Cold Water No More Measuring – No More Mess Plastic-free, recyclable and compostable packaging Safe to use even if you are on a septic system.   How to use:  1 strip = 1 wash Detach a strip – Place strip in the washing machine drum – Add clothes and start washing machine For heavily soiled laundry, use 2 strips. Small loads – half a strip.  The small strips will dissolve in the wash as they dislodge the dirt and stains on your clothes as efficiently and eco-friendly as possible.  Since they’re strips you don’t need to worry about figuring out the best amount to use, you just use a single strip – mess and hassle-free every time. …read more on supplier website


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