The Avocado Sock - Olive

The Avocado Sock – Olive

Green Cleaning by The Avocado Sock

The Avocado Sock – Olive

A perfectly ripe avocado every time! Avocados are delicious, but a perfect one is hard to come by. Stores stock overly green avocados to prevent spoilage, but it can take up to a week for them to be ready to eat. Some never ripen properly, and others just become mush. The Avocado Sock™ is an all-natural, effective way to ensure you have a perfectly ripe avocado every single time. Sometimes, the oldest tricks work the best, and the effectiveness of the Avocado Sock is no exception. It’s an organic, back-to-basics product that encourages the consumption of healthy avocados in an over-processed and plastic-filled world. Simply insert an un-ripened avocado into the sock, and in as little as 24 hours, it will be ready to enjoy. The natural lanolin and warmth of the wool ripens the avocados evenly and gently, and faster than a paper bag. The Avocado Sock is a unique and innovative product that speeds the ripening of delicate avocados The Avocado Sock is knit with 100% wool. The natural lanolin and warmth of the wool ripens avocados evenly and gently and faster than a paper bag. The Avocado Sock reduces spoilage of overripe avocados and encourages customers to buy green avocados to ripen at home in the comfort of the 100% wool avocado sock The Avocado Sock reduces bruising and damage from transporting ripe avocados The Avocado Sock is 100% Canadian made and environmentally friendly made out of all natural products The Avocado Sock can be used over and over again with consistent results yielding a perfectly ripe avocado every time The Avocado Sock can also be used to ripen other fruits and vegetables and, once ripe, can be used to safely transport them to picnics, lunches, and any other destination…read more on supplier website


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