Superbee Triple Pack Medium (3 wraps)

Superbee Triple Pack Medium (3 wraps)

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Superbee Triple Pack Medium (3 wraps)

Three times the fun, three times the bee-auty, three times less plastic used – THE TRIPLE PACK!!!This product contains three Medium SuperBee Wax Wraps, our most popular size.The Medium Wax Wrap is a versatile, reusable beeswax wrap. It can be a plastic alternative for covering plates, wrapping snacks and organising your travel kit. Take your zero waste life from the kitchen to the great outdoors with the Medium Wax Wrap. The Medium Wax Wraps are perfect for covering leftovers and for taking snacks on the go.If you care about your food you should care about what its wrapped in.If you have pre-prepped fruit for your morning smoothie, your childs half-eaten dinner, or if your husband leaves for work with homemade sandwiches then use The Medium Wax Wrap to store your food until it’s ready to eat or for those late night rumbling bellies. Then wash and re-use.The medium beeswax wrap, also known as the travelers wrap is ideal for wrapping a bar of soap, jewelery and other toiletries for your weekends away. Then re-use.Measuring 26 cm x 26 cm, The Medium Wax Wraps are reusable, water resistant and antibacterial to cover and protect. They shape to objects and form a tight seal. Wash and re-use for a sustainable zero waste life. Zerodechet!Wrap It, Wash It, Re-use it PRODUCT COLOURS AND PATTERNS ARE ASSORTED AND SELECTED AT RANDOM…read more on supplier website


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