Salcura Topida Intimate Hygiene Spray

Salcura Topida Intimate Hygiene Spray

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Salcura Topida Intimate Hygiene Spray

Salcura’s Topida is our most effective product for people prone to fungal infections anywhere on the body, including the intimate areas. In the case of vaginal thrush, Topida Liquid Spray offers a far more pleasant and practical alternative to creams and pessaries. 99% natural, so you won’t be putting artificial chemicals in sensitive places! Topida offers a long-term solution, with no limit to the number of times you can apply it and the length of time you can use it.  Topida has been specifically formulated to soothe, cool and calm by creating a healthy microbial balance on the affected areas. This effective, quick acting solution balances the pH levels and essential nutrients help maintain skin cells and mucosa in a viable and healthy condition. For use with fungal infections such as athletes foot, jock itch, and lichen planus, Topida Liquid Spray allows quick application and fast absorption – no thick, sticky creams Topida has no known side effects or contraindications, and is suitable for use during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Continued use may help to reduce the chance of future infections. Offers a far more pleasant and practical alternative to creams and pessaries No artificial chemicals in sensitive places! No known side effectves Suitable for use during pregnancy / breast feeding Once it has dealt with an infection, continued use can reduce the chances of future infections Vegan friendly How to use: 1. Apply at least 3-4 times a day initially onto the affected areas.2. If the area is sore then simply spray on and allow the liquid to absorb on its own accord.3. Reduce this application frequency as the inflammation and symptoms subside.4. When skin has returned to relative normality, continue using the products to top up the areas prone to infection with Topida’s pH balancing formula 2-3 times per week. This should keep infections and irritation under control.5. For external and internal use….read more on supplier website


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