St.Tropez Self Tan Purity Vitamins Face Serum 50ml


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St.Tropez Self Tan Purity Vitamins Face Serum 50ml

Enhance your complexion with the St. Tropez Purity Vitamins Face Serum. Specially designed for delicate facial skin, the serum is enhanced with the uniquely-blended Sunshine Complex, which contains Hyaluronic Acid, nourishing Vitamin C and Green Mandarin Water, for luxurious moisturising effects that leave your base glowing from within. Juicy Peach Flower Extract creates a powerful veil of hydration, protecting against harsh external factors and offering a natural-looking, subtly bronzed appearance that develops over 4-8 hours. The formula contains 93% naturally-derived ingredients, with the weightless consistency gliding across the skin and leaving a soft, smooth-looking illusion. Finished with a deliciously tropical scent and an environmentally-friendly recycled bottle, the serum is a clean, fresh answer to enhancing your natural luminosity. Vegan and cruelty free….read more on supplier website


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Our supplier, Beauty Expert, loves delving deeper into the science that is behind skincare products. Beauty Expert UK have both the knowledge and experience that comes from  years of dermatological expertise. We are proud to make select sustainable and or organic beauty products from their ranges that we can trust.



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