Mio Skincare Self Care Kit Future Proof and Boob Tube+


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Mio Skincare Self Care Kit Future Proof and Boob Tube+

Firm slackening skin and tackle dry skin with Mio Skincare’s Self Care Kit; a moisturising bodycare duo that both utilise an intelligent blend of natural ingredients to rehydrate, nourish and soothe from the neck down. Presented in a white cosmetics pouch. The Set Contains: Future Proof Active Body Butter (50ml) Quench skin’s thirst with the Future Proof Body Butter. Ultra-nourishing, the rich formula delivers deep moisture to skin, resulting in a supple finish with a radiant glow. Fortified with a hydrating blend of vitamins and ingredients containing antioxidant properties, which helps to nourish skin and relieve any dryness. Boob Tube+ Multi-Action Bust Firmer (30ml) A skin-loving treatment that visibly transforms and improves the appearance of delicate, ageing skin that’s lost some elastic bounce. Effortlessly smoothing onto the chest, the fast-absorbing cream should be applied in the region between the chin and boobs, an area usually exposed to the sun and where elasticity is often lacking regardless of age. The rich formula utilises CoQ10, alongside an organic blend of Omega-Rich Oils and Shea Butter. It works to envelop skin in a veil of essential moisture, which visibly smoothes and brightens the chest, whilst improving skin tone. Sure to become an essential addition to your skincare regime, the Boob Tube + Multi-Action Bust Cream leaves the décolletage youthful and radiant….read more on supplier website


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