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Lollipop Flowers





Go for gold with this unforgettable bouquet. A light and lively combination from our team of florists, it’s an arrangement for all seasons. Featuring a mix of gerberas and ‘santini’ chrysanthemums, the design is held together by our premium roses and flashes of orange solidago. Choose this luscious bouquet and make sure you always finish 1st when it comes to flowers….read more on supplier website


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Lollipop Flowers Supplied By Flowers & Plants Co.


Flowers & Plants Co. is a market leading florist providing hand-tied bouquets, luxury houseplants and custom designs. With a complete delivery service, same day shipping and nationwide distribution we’re a floral and horticultural specialist for the 21st century. Open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, our services are tailored around customers’ needs. Discover a world of flowers with the nation’s fastest growing plant and flower provider!


10-06-2021 10:45

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