KIKI Health Holiday Box (Worth £56.40)


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KIKI Health Holiday Box (Worth £56.40)

The Set Contains: Alkaline Infusion (250g) Help the body regain its natural balance with an effective health supplement that encourages improvements in health, skin, teeth and bones. If the body has been subjected to a poor diet or stress it often becomes too acidic. KIKI Health Alkaline Infusion seeks to neutralise the acid with alkaline minerals; helping to regain a natural and healthy balance. Enriched with Silica, the powder encourages collagen production, which helps to keep skin visibly firm and youthful, as well as promoting healthy hair and nail growth. The powder is also an effective source of Vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium, which ensure the body is functioning well. The powder formula is sweet to the taste and can be mixed effortlessly into water, juice or smoothies. Boasting a fruity flavour that combines citrus with sherbet, the Alkaline Infusion Powder acts as a sweet treat that the body is able to benefit from. Organic Coconut Oil (200ml) Discover a versatile kitchen and beauty product with a pure, unrefined formula with an array of uses. The virgin coconut oil is created from fresh, moist coconut meat, which has been cold pressed. The oil can be safely used in the kitchen as a healthy replacement for butter and margarine, as well as functioning as a deluxe beauty remedy that benefits both the hair and skin. The rich coconut oil can be used as a massage oil, makeup remover or can even form an ultra-hydrating face or hair mask to eliminate areas of dryness. Expect the KIKI Health Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil to become a daily essential. Magnesium Oil (125ml) Increase the body’s magnesium levels with a simple spray that can be applied directly to skin. Utilising Genuine Zechsteinâ„¢ Magnesium Mhloride, a naturally occurring ingredient found beneath the Earth’s crust, the saturated solution is fast absorbing and easily transported to cells, allowing the body to benefit. Suitable for full body use, KIKI Health Magnesium Oil has an array of beneficial effects on the body, such as the reduction of fatigue, encouraging normal muscle function and maintaining healthy teeth and bones. Expect magnesium levels to be increased. Activated Charcoal (70g) A multi-tasking, pharmaceutical grade supplement that can be taken orally to help naturally whiten teeth or detoxify the digestive system; or used as a skincare component to absorb excess toxins. Sustainably derived from Coconut Shells that have been finely milled, the odourless Activated Charcoal Powder has been intensively purified to remove any contaminants for use as an active cosmetic ingredient. It acts as a natural solution to absorb unwanted substances; when used to brush teeth, it minimises the appearance of yellow tones and stains, and when taken mixed with water it helps alleviate symptoms of bloating and flatulence after eating….read more on supplier website

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