KIKI Health Fitness and Energy Bundle (Worth £32.40)


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KIKI Health Fitness and Energy Bundle (Worth £32.40)

Realise your body’s full potential with the KIKI Health Fitness and Energy Bundle, a set of three products that help you to build muscle mass, support your immune system and improve energy levels for a wellness boost inside and out. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The Set Contains: Organic Pea Protein Powder (170g) Maintain and build muscle with a plant-based protein with a smooth texture that effortlessly blends into smoothies or juices, making it ideal for a nutritious post-workout shake. Low in fat, the protein powder is derived from organically grown, non- GMO Yellow Peas, which are a rich plant source of protein. Additional protein benefits the body by helping to maintain and encourage growth in muscle mass, as well as promoting healthy bones. The formula is also rich in calcium, iron and zinc, which work in synergy to ensure the body is functioning well. The protein powder boasts the ability to be mixed into sweet or savoury food, allowing you to boost your protein intake quickly and simply. Organic Maca Powder (100g) Care for your body with a four-root blend that arrives in powder form, a simple and easy addition to cereal, smoothies or desserts. Consumed by the Indigenous people of the Andes for centuries, Maca is a robust root vegetable that grows at high altitudes away from environmental pollution. KIKI Health’s Maca Powder intelligently blends four different varieties of Maca, which combines the benefits of each type of root. Maca is a complete protein that boasts an array of Amino Acids, Fatty Acids and Vitamins, as well as a dose of Iron, Potassium and Calcium. These are able to encourage and support a healthy immune system, boost the body’s energy levels and maintain muscle function, alongside ensuring a healthy digestive system. The powder is a Maca powerhouse that provides and supplements the body with unique nutritional benefits. Magnesium Oil (125ml) Increase the body’s magnesium levels with a simple spray that can be applied directly to skin. Utilising Genuine Zechsteinâ„¢ Magnesium Mhloride, a naturally occurring ingredient found beneath the Earth’s crust, the saturated solution is fast absorbing and easily transported to cells, allowing the body to benefit quickly. Suitable for full body use, KIKI Health Magnesium Oil has an array of beneficial effects on the body, such as the reduction of fatigue, encouraging normal muscle function and maintaining healthy teeth and bones….read more on supplier website

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