John Masters Organics Overnight Facial Mask with Pomegranate & Moroccan Rose 93g


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John Masters Organics Overnight Facial Mask with Pomegranate & Moroccan Rose 93g

Give your skin a moisturising hug with the Overnight Facial Mask from John Masters Organics’ skincare collection. Working whilst you’re asleep through the night, when skin is most reactive to repair, the radiance-enhancing mask unleashes the nutrient-rich benefits of ultra-moisturising botanical actives. Fruit acids and enzymes from Pomegranate perform a chemical exfoliation, dissolving dead skin and decongesting pores clogged with impurities and daily build-up of environmental pollutants. This is followed by three levels of hydration from Konjac Root extract and multi-molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid, all replenishing thirsty skin with intense moisturisation through the night. Imbuing a calming scent of Moroccan Rose Oil that’s gentle on even the most sensitive of skin and will not cause irritation, the masque will ensure you wake up to a firmer, brighter and smoother looking complexion, come morning. Repackaged in a tinted jar to preserve its naturally-derived potency. 70% organic formulation. Suitable for all skin types. Cruelty-free. Never tested on animals….read more on supplier website


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