John Masters Organics Bearberry Skin Balancing Face Wash 177ml


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John Masters Organics Bearberry Skin Balancing Face Wash 177ml

The ideal companion for oily skin prone to breakouts and blemishes, the John Masters Organics Bearberry Skin Balancing Face Wash helps to restore balance across your visage. Formulated with pure botanicals alongside 20 oil-fighting extracts, excess oil will be regulated, helping to unclog pores and allowing you to achieve a smooth, shine-free finish. Blended with Willow Bark from the Swiss Alps, the face wash is packed with this natural form of Salicylic Acid, working to leave your complexion moisturised but never greasy. Pores will be refined while Alpha Hydroxy Acids gently exfoliate the surface of your skin, creating a smooth, airbrushed look. Organic Bearberry has lots of brightening properties, improving the appearance of your complexion and giving you an even tone all over. To soothe and calm, Aloe Vera has been added, staving off irritation and reducing the risk of inflammation. The effect is finished with a feeling of clarity and freshness, making skin seem revitalised and energised….read more on supplier website


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Our supplier, Beauty Expert, loves delving deeper into the science that is behind skincare products. Beauty Expert UK have both the knowledge and experience that comes from  years of dermatological expertise. We are proud to make select sustainable and or organic beauty products from their ranges that we can trust.



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