Eucerin® Sun Protection Sun Lotion Extra Light Body 50 High (150ml)


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Eucerin® Sun Protection Sun Lotion Extra Light Body 50 High (150ml)

Protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays with the powerful Eucerin® Sun Protection Sun Lotion Extra Light Body 50 High. Eucerin work together with dermatologists to bring you the best skincare possible. This clinically approved cream features factor 50 UVA and UVB protection that complies with EU regulations and reliably protects from damage caused by the sun. Easily absorbing, the product does not leave behind any stickiness. The key ingredient is natural Licorice Extract from Glycyrrhiza Inflata, protecting the skin cells from UV radiation and free radicals. A 3-dimensional protection system with mineral filters, organic filters and plant extracts delivers all-round protection from harmful rays. LB Suitable for allergic or eczema-prone skin. Water resistant….read more on supplier website

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Our supplier, Beauty Expert, loves delving deeper into the science that is behind skincare products. Beauty Expert UK have both the knowledge and experience that comes from  years of dermatological expertise. We are proud to make select sustainable and or organic beauty products from their ranges that we can trust.



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