Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Body Cream

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Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Body Cream

Firms and hydrates. For mature skin. This rich cream features a blend of botanicals to support the skin‘s natural processes of renewal. Elasticity is enhanced and skin feels hydrated, firm and taut. As we age, the skin’s natural processes of cell renewal begin to slow and skin loses elasticity. Regenerating Body Cream supports the skin’s natural regenerative functions, balancing moisture content and making skin feel smooth, firm and supple A deeply nourishing body cream with regenerative and firming benefits for mature skin; Daily use of this body moisturiser leaves the skin feeling noticeably smoother, firmer and supple. Rich yet rapidly-absorbed, intensely moisturising formulation. Supports and stimulates the skin’s natural powers of self-regeneration. Increases elasticity and leaves skin feeling firm and toned. Soft, natural fragrance of Rose and Orange. Contains specially chosen ingredients including extracts of antioxidant-rich medicinal herbs which activate, vitalise and protect the skin: Silica-rich Field Horsetail supports the form-giving powers of the skin. Marsh Mallow and Birch leaves regulate moisture content. Pomegranate brings moisture and vitality . To Use Daily use of this body moisturiser leaves skin feeling noticeably smoother, firmer and supple. Most effective when applied over the whole body after a bath or shower. Suitable to use year-round. Hints & tips Regenerating Body Cream, used in combination with the other Regenerating Care products, ensure your skin care routine is especially effective for mature and sensitive skin….read more on supplier website


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