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DECLÉOR Sensitive Skin Duo

Comfort easily-irritated skin with the Sensitive Skin Duo from one of Paris’ best-selling luxury skincare brand DECLÉOR. Pairing the brand’s cult-favourite Aromessence oil serum infused with Rose Damascena essential oil, with a multi-tasking day cream and mask, both work to alleviate tightness, calm redness and pacify skin prone to irritation while providing intense hydration and nourishment with powerful cocktails of natural-origin essential oils and botanical actives. Replenishing and protecting sensitive skin from external aggressors that can cause discomfort, both have undergone vigorous testing under dermatological control to keep flare-ups out of sight. Suitable for sensitive skin. Clinically-tested under dermatological control on skin prone to redness. Allergy-tested. Organic; naturally-derived ingredients. Cruelty-free. Made in France. The Set Contains: Aromessence Rose D’Orient Essential Oils-Serum (15ml) A 100% natural serum best used on sensitive skin that replenishes moisture, nourishes and calms irritation with an organic blend of premium-quality essential oils (Rose, Chamomile and Geranium). Silky and non-sticky, the lightweight elixir melts into skin instantly, delivering immediate soothing comfort, evening skin tone and alleviating redness. Boasting a heavenly scent that won’t irritate your skin, the Aromessence serum offers stability to skin prone to flare-ups and leave it smooth, supple and hydrated. Vegan. Harmonie Calm Organic Soothing Comfort Cream & Mask (50ml) A 2-in-1 moisturiser and face mask formulated for red, irritated skin. 100% natural, it’s powered by soothing organic ingredients, including Rose essential oil, Sweet Almond Plant Oils and Centella Asiatica. The nourishing, non-sticky emulsion effectively soothes and evens the appearance of skin tone to leave the complexion feeling smooth and less reactive. Absorbing quickly, it has a fresh texture that can be utilised as a moisturiser or skin-soothing face mask. Redness and tightness feel relieved; sensitive skin feels calm and protected….read more on supplier website

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