Caudalie Divine Oil 50ml


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Caudalie Divine Oil 50ml

Caudalie Divine Oil 50ml The perfect beauty gift idea, this Caudalie Divine Oil offers a multi-purpose miracle worker with a unique blend of natural oils to leave skin dramatically softer and youthful. This skin care oil restores moisture and nourishment back into damaged skin as well as your hair. With a light, dry oil formula that quickly absorbs and sinks into your skin for super quick, non-sticky drying treat. The Caudalie Divine Oil offers a signature scent to leave your skin and hair smelling dewy fresh. Whilst the extra virgin hibiscus oil prevents moisture loss to ensure that even days after use, your moisture levels are still on top form. Enriched with a potent source of Argan oil gives this hair oil a conditioning and strengthening quality bringing hair and skin cells back to optimum condition. Key ingredients include: Grape oil, drawn from the seeds of the fruit, produces a wondrous source of Omega 6 to supremely rejuvenate and nourish thoroughly. Extra Virgin Argan Oil, organic oil sourced from the Berber women in South Morocco. Use for its rich source of unsaturated fatty acids and Linoleic acid to help restore the Hydrolipidic film and the quality of your skin and hair cells. Extra Virgin Hibiscus Oil, originally sourced from India, this unique oil is known and the ‘flower of eternity’, obtained by a process of cold pressing the seed. Working as a barrier function against environmental impurities and restricts epidermal water loss to optimise water retention. Sesame Oil, with balanced quantities of Linoleic and Oleic fatty acids, provides your skin with an essential emollient whilst softening for a superb finish. Fair Trade Shea Butter restores your skin with brightness and nourishment, sourced from Native Africa, you’ll be left with radiant, healthy looking hair and skin….read more on supplier website


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