Bouclème Unisex Conditioner 300ml

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Bouclème Unisex Conditioner 300ml

Restore health and vitality to curly hair with the Bouclème Unisex Conditioner; a nutritious treatment that invigorates your curls with an intense moisture boost without weighing them down. A key player in your curl care regime, the conditioner boasts a 98% naturally-derived formulation that takes advantage of the softening, strengthening, moisturising and protecting powers of Virgin Coconut, Argan Oil, Linseed, Honey and organic Aloe Vera Leaf. Applied to shampooed locks, the conditioner penetrates deep into the hair cuticles, leaving your ringlets defined, nourished and shiny. 98% naturally-derived formula. Free from sulphates, silicones and parabens. Cruelty-free. Sustainable, fair-trade ingredients. Made in the UK….read more on supplier website


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Our supplier, Beauty Expert, loves delving deeper into the science that is behind skincare products. Beauty Expert UK have both the knowledge and experience that comes from  years of dermatological expertise. We are proud to make select sustainable and or organic beauty products from their ranges that we can trust.



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