ImseVimse Reusable Tampons - Regular (natural)

ImseVimse Reusable Tampons – Regular (flowers)

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ImseVimse Reusable Tampons – Regular (flowers)

Organic & reusable cloth tampons – in packs of 8 (regular flow) Reusable tampons work just like a disposable tampon. They absorb well and are comfortable to use. These tampons are made of 100% organically cultivated cotton which are Oeko-Tex certified and free from chemicals Choose from different sizes depending on how heavy or light your flow is. Key Benefits Reduce your Carbon Footprint Chemical free Save money Save the environment as these are reusable certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Sizing Mini -Light Flow Regular -Moderate Flow Heavy- Heavy Flow How to use: Boil the tampons before the first use. Instructions: Roll the tampon, adjust how loose or tight you would like it to be. Finish by securing the cord around the tampon. Insert the tampon just like you would a normal tampon. Change your tampon every 4-5 hours or when the tampon is getting full and needs changing. Rinse in cold water and keep in a wet bag. Wash in a washing bag along with the rest of your laundry. After washing the tampons, boil them in water for a few minutes to get rid of any washing powder residues. Do not use any bleach or softener. Please note: 100% cotton, washable, reusable tampons can still cause TSS (toxic shock syndrome) just as disposable tampons can. Please remember to change them often…read more on supplier website


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