Grahams Psoriasis cream

Grahams Psoriasis cream

Skincare by Grahams

Grahams Psoriasis cream

Grahams Natural Psoriasis cream is a topical ointment developed to assist in the management of Psoriasis to be used in conjunction with professional medical management. It works to hydrate the skin and relieve the common symptoms of psoriasis using powerful ingredients that also used in Grahams C+ Cream such as; Manuka Honey, Calendula Flower extract, Gotu Kola extract as well as Avocado Oil & Jojoba Oil. These ingredients work by reducing redness, dry, inflamed, irritated skin. Antibacterial: Active Manuka Honey helps to control bacteria on the skin, naturally Hydration: Moisturising ingredients to hydrate the skin, facilitating the removal of dead skin and epidermal rehydration Clinically tested formula  …read more on supplier website


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