Faith in Nature Super Concentrated Washing Up liquid - 5L

Faith in Nature Super Concentrated Washing Up liquid – 5L

Green Cleaning by Faith in Nature

Faith in Nature Super Concentrated Washing Up liquid – 5L

Welcome to the next generation of natural, eco friendly and vegan products. Faith in Nature truly believe in harnessing the power of nature without harming it in the process. Their products are created using the highest quality, naturally derived, cruelty-free ingredients, with 100% natural fragrance – and they work beautifully. All of their products are paraben and SLS free giving you piece of mind when using them. They want to stay as natural as possible. Just as nature intended. Faith’s natural, eco friendly washing-up liquid is an addition to their 5L household range. It unleashes the power of biodegradable plant derived ingredients and will cut through grease and dried on food to leave your dishes sparkly clean. This gentle to environment yet effective product is formulated with Lemon Oil, giving it a pleasant, natural citrus aroma. Go greener and save on packaging with this great 5 Litre bottle that offers a more sustainable way of reducing waste in your household. And with concentrated cleaning power this washing up liquid offers a great value and up to 350 washes per bottle! This product is active against Listeria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and S. aureus. Directions to use: Decant first (detailed instruction are present on the product label). For washing up, dispense under warm running water. Then close cap firmly, rinse and dry hands thoroughly after use. Please note there may be a slight sediment in the container due to the natural materials used; shake well to remove before use. Avoid prolonged contact, especially with damaged or sensitive skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with clean water immediately. If skin irritation occurs, stop use. Keep out of reach of children….read more on supplier website


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