Ecozone Ultra Shower Cleaner Refill 2L

Ecozone Ultra Shower Cleaner Refill 2L

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Ecozone Ultra Shower Cleaner Refill 2L

Ecozone’s anit-bacterial Ultra Shower Cleaner 2L is one of their most effective formulas to remove the toughest of limescale, mould and leave streak-free surfaces across the entire shower & bath area. Suitable for wet rooms too, this cleaner can simply be used twice a week or after the last shower of the day, by leaving overnight on surfaces and rinsed off by the showerhead or during your next shower. This Ultra Shower Cleaner 2L refill is suitable for filling up the 500ml spray.  Tough on stubborn limescale Anti-bacterial formula that cleans & provides protection against mould regrowth Polishes & shines all surfaces Vegan Society Approved…read more on supplier website


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