Ecozone Lint Remover

Ecozone Lint Remover

Green Cleaning by Ecozone

Ecozone Lint Remover

Ecozone’s Self Cleaning Lint Remover features a large double-sided lint wand to remove dust, hair, lint & more from your furniture & clothing with just a few simple strokes. It’s protective case allows you to simply place the wand inside when finished and when you take it out to use again, the Self Cleaning remover will have the caught lint transferred to the catcher section at the bottom of the case. This section can be opened and lint can then be discarded when full. Perfect for home use and when travelling. Easy to use & self-cleaning Quickly removes lint, fur, hair, fluff & crumbs from fabrics Suitable for most fabrics Packaging – Recyclable…read more on supplier website


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