Ecover Washing-up Liquid Refill 15L - Bag in Box (Camomile & Clemen...

Ecover Washing-up Liquid Refill 15L – Bag in Box (Camomile & Clemen…

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Ecover Washing-up Liquid Refill 15L – Bag in Box (Camomile & Clemen…

For easy pouring of the liquid you can buy a tap especially designed for the Ecover 15L containers, which is extra. PLEASE NOTE: these refill containers were original meant for Ecover Refill Stations located in shops and were not intended for sale to the public. The green discs shown on the back of the box are for shop use only and are not available to the public – they are not necessary for fitting the tap or dispensing liquid. Ecover’s washing up liquids use powerful plant powered ingredients instead of petroleum-based ingredients keeping your conscience as clean as your dishes.   As with all Ecover products this washing up liquid comes from their plant roofed ecological factory where they use plant and mineral ingredients to help you limit the use of chemicals in your home and keep the affect on the environment to an absolute minimum. That’s one thing less on your plate.   Ecover Washing Up Liquid – Benefits Choose from either lemon & aloe vera or camomile and clementine fragrance Tough on grease Kind to your hands thanks to plant based ingredients Safe for sensitive skin Not based on petrochemical ingredients No residue of unnecessary chemicals left on your dishes Save plastic waste by filling up your old bottles with these 15 litre refills Ecover Washing Up Liquid – Environmental Advantage: Fast and complete biodegradability (OECD-test 301F, full product) Minimum impact on aquatic life (OECD-test 201&202, full product) Never tested on animals – Leaping Bunny certified Suitable for septic tanks Instructions for useOne squeeze is enough for a sink full of normally dirty dishes. Cleans effectively without producing excessive bubbles. Packaging material: Bottle and labels are made of polyethylene; cap of polypropylene. Polyethylene and polypropylene are 100% recyclable and can be recycled together perfectly….read more on supplier website


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