Ecover Laundry Liquid Colour 5L

Ecover Laundry Liquid Colour 5L

Green Cleaning by Ecover

Ecover Laundry Liquid Colour 5L

Apple Blossom & Freesia fragrance Ecover Concentrated Colour laundry liquid contains a powerful, plant-based technology which removes tough stains, is kind to skin and keeps colours vibrant. Enough for 142 washes! Protects and cares for your colours, keeping them vibrant and bright. The concentrated formulas pack the same cleaning power as bigger packs, but with less packaging to carry home. Concentrated formula for concentrated power Keeps colours vibrant Colour protect & care Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin Suitable for septic tanks UNEP award Cruelty-free international Vegan friendly 5L refill…read more on supplier website


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