Ecover Laundry Kit

Ecover Laundry Kit

Green Cleaning by Ecover

Ecover Laundry Kit

Get washing with this Ecover laundry kit, it’s got everything you need to do your washing. Includes: 1 x 200ml Ecover stain remover 1 x 1500ml Ecover Fabric Conditioner scented with Gardinia and Vanilla – enough for 50 washes 1 x 1500ml Ecover Concentrated Non-Bio Laundry Liquid scented with Lavender and Sandalwood – enough for 42 washes Save money and buy everything you need to do your washing. Products will arrive loose. Please note: from time to time individual bundle products may be on special offer, please check before purchasing to ensure you receive the best offer….read more on supplier website


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