Eco Egg - Dryer Egg (Fresh Linen)

Eco Egg – Dryer Egg (Fresh Linen)

Green Cleaning by Eco Egg

Eco Egg – Dryer Egg (Fresh Linen)

EcoEggs innovative Dryer Eggs are scientifically proven to reduce tumble drying time by up to 28%, saving you both money and energy. Drying, but with a spin Unlike traditional tumble drying devices, EcoEgg Dryer Eggs contain a hidden gem in the shape of a unique hypoallergenic fragrance stick infused with essential oil that fragrance your clothes in the dryer – a patent pending breakthrough! Available in sumptuous Soft Cotton or Spring Blossom, the Dryers Eggs leave your clothes smelling gorgeous and baby soft and are great for sensitive skin. Reduces your drying time by up to 28% Kinder to your environment – no harsh chemicals Kinder to your pocket – save every time you dry Kinder to your skin – no irritants or allergens Fragrance your clothes without fabric softener They work – proven by an independent laboratory PACKAGING MAY VARY How to use The ecoegg dryer eggs are so simple to use. Just place the ecoegg dryer eggs into the drum of your tumble dryer along with your laundry. Dry your laundry on the usual setting, observing all garment care instructions as you usually would. Once your laundry has finished drying, you do not need to remove the dryer eggs from the tumble dryer – you can leave them in the dryer until next time if you wish….read more on supplier website


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