Droguerie Ecologique Beeswax Flakes 400g

Droguerie Ecologique Beeswax Flakes 400g

Green Cleaning by Droguerie Ecologique

Droguerie Ecologique Beeswax Flakes 400g

Beeswax, the substance secreted by bees with which they build the honeycombs of their hives, is unique for its film-forming, moisturising, protective, anti-static and sanitising properties. 100% beeswax flakes, guaranteed without pesticides. Wide range of use. Non-toxic to humans, environmentally safe. Produced and packaged in Western Europe. Eco-friendly packaging Low carbon footprint. For wood and leather maintenance. To prepare a homemade wax polish, cover beeswax flakes with Turpentine oil in a closed jar. Add a little bit of Turpentine oil everyday (only during 2 days), until a creamy liquid is obtained. Store your homemade polish in an airtight jar, use with a lint-free cloth and apply in fine layer. Five days after application, remove the excess by rubbing vigorously with a cloth, in the direction of the wood grain….read more on supplier website


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