Bio-D Glass & Mirror Cleaner Refill -  5L

Bio-D Glass & Mirror Cleaner Refill – 5L

Green Cleaning by Bio-D

Bio-D Glass & Mirror Cleaner Refill – 5L

Please note, due to Covid-19 Bio-D has temporarily suspended production of this product. It will be back in stock again as soon as they are able to restart production. Bio-D Glass Cleaner is ready-to-use streak free Glass & Mirror Cleaner. Save money and plastic with this 5L to refill smaller spray bottles. Made in the UK Vegan society approved Bottle is HDPE 100% Recyclable and cap is PP 100% recyclable How to use: Adjust the trigger to the spray position. Apply Sparing to the surface from a distance of 20cm. Wipe immediately with a dry, clean cloth. Use the dry side of the cloth to wipe again for a sparkling, streak free shine….read more on supplier website


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