Bee's Wrap 3-pack Assorted Bees & Bears small/medium/large

Bee’s Wrap 3-pack Assorted Bees & Bears small/medium/large

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Bee’s Wrap 3-pack Assorted Bees & Bears small/medium/large

Wrap bread, cheese, fruit and veggies, or cover a bowl! Bee’s Wrap is the sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. Use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap and create a seal. When cool, the wrap will hold its shape. Reusable. Wash in COOL water with a mild dish soap. Let air dry. Made of beeswax, organic cotton, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. Our bees + bears print is a reflection of the place we call home, a celebration of New England’s bees and bears, buds and berries. Life is sweet here in Vermont, among the graceful maples that give us syrup and the berry bushes that offer up bright jewels in summer. We’re lucky to share this place with black bears who explore our woods and, of course, the productive bees who do the important work of pollination. assorted set of 3 includes:1 Small 7′ x 8′ (17,5 x 20 cm) – wrap a lemon, avocado or small snack. 1 Medium 10′ x 11′ (25 x 27,5 cm) – wrap cheese, carrots, herbs, or cover a bowl. 1 Large 13′ x 14′ (33 x 35 cm) – wrap half a melon, greens, baked goods or cover a bowl….read more on supplier website


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