Ballot Flurin Emergency Nomadic Spray with Organic Propolis

Ballot Flurin Emergency Nomadic Spray with Organic Propolis

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Ballot Flurin Emergency Nomadic Spray with Organic Propolis

Intense throat protection, at home, at the office, and on holiday … Is your throat sensitive to urban environments (severe cold, air-conditioning, high stress levels …)? This spray is a true guardian angel. How does it work ? Ballot-Flurin Emergency Nomadic Spray combines an exceptional level of raw purified propolis (extract of propolis prepared with 57g of French propolis originating from Apiculture DOUCE® (Gentle Beekeeping) for 100g spirits (grapes-wheat) and Ballot-Flurin’s own harvested honey (10%) – for an intense soothing and calming action for all seasons. For adults only 100% organic purified raw propolis, originating from Ballot-Flurin beehives in local micro-terroirs Locally produced and dynamised in the countryside with non polluting ‘ low-tech ‘ procedures for soft extraction.  Guaranteed preparation without synthetic additives or preservatives Glass bottle/cardboard packaging English language on side of box packaging How to use: From the start of the first discomfort: spray once into your mouth (please note this is a very concentrated product). Repeat up to 2 to 3 times a day for a maximum of 7 days….read more on supplier website


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